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2018 is about to end and we do not want to close this year without thanking you, our clients and friends, for your trust and support of our company during these 12 months. Today we want to share part of our history and the achievements achieved in this period.


Our participation in Women's Entrepreneurship Development Program.

This year, INCAE Business School together with Mastercard selected 40 women to participate in the competition for innovative companies in the region called LEADS Women. Eunice Barquero, owner and CEO of Natural Homes, was selected from more than 2,600 applicants to represent Costa Rica in this project, which sought to strengthen the entrepreneurial capacity of Central American women and reward their role as successful businesswomen.


A personal award that recognizes the innovation that has been embedded in our company and its unique value proposition in the Costa Rican market. 


Construction and Housing Expo 2018.

This year our company Natural Homes participated in Expo Construction and Housing 2018, which took place at the Pedregal Events Center. We had a stand in the Cristal Room where we were able to serve the dozens of families who came attracted by our sustainable concept materialized in houses with avant-garde wood architecture.


We are pleased to see how more and more Costa Ricans decide to build sustainably and in favor of the environment. 


We're over the top!

Thanks to the trust of our clients and to give them better service, we moved to an office that offers greater service comforts. Our new office is also located in Palmares, next to the San Agustín Bilingual School. We always wait for you with open arms!


Accomplished dreams.

We close this year with the satisfaction of having delivered 10 houses under our sustainable architectural concept. We invite you to visit our GALLERY and learn the step by step of each of these projects. We also share two testimonials from our clients so that you can learn about their experience with Natural Homes and so you too are encouraged to build with us. 



Jholland Hernández and Stephanie Mora. Siquirres, Limón


What caught your attention about Natural Homes? 

The company caught our attention  the use of wood to carry out the projects, the models and styles of the houses and other information about the environmental and psychosocial benefits that wood constructions represent.


What convinced you to build with Natural Homes?

During the visit to the company, the warmth of the staff and the detailed information they gave us convinced us to start the project.


What would you say to people who are hesitant about building with wood? 

Once the contract was signed and one step away from starting construction, there were always doubts about building with wood, since we constantly heard comments such as: "it's made of wood, why?", "it's going to get damaged quickly," "it won't It is better to invest in cement..." among other comments. But we started researching and wood is a durable material; With love and proper maintenance we know that it will last a lifetime! The wood is alive, every time we see the house we fall more in love with our home and now there are no "negative" comments, quite the contrary our house looks modern and very  warm.


Why would you recommend Natural Homes? 

We consider on our part that it was a positive experience, where there was always respect and education in treatment. As in all relationships, when there are small disagreements, we have achieved conciliation through dialogue. Both administrators, master builders and other workers are excellent people and professionals in their work. Very satisfied because they always answered our concerns and attended to our requests within the previous contract. For all these reasons, we recommend that you start your life project with Natural Homes.


Enith Chacón and Eduardo Alvarado. Fraijanes, Alajuela


What caught your attention about Natural Homes? 

We had decided to look for options to build a wooden house in the mountains and after talking with several bidders, we considered that Natural Homes was a serious alternative, as they even took us to see a project in progress.

Their preconceived designs adapted to what we were looking for but they also gave us the option to make some modifications to our liking and together we managed to adapt the final model.


What convinced you to build with Natural Homes?

The commitment that we noticed in the company team and the willingness to provide details on technical issues such as quality of materials, construction system, among others.


What would you say to people who are hesitant about building with wood? 

Building with wood must be a clear decision because this is a material that is still alive, that demands special care and that never stops adapting to the environment. Sometimes a crack will open, at times it will grind, etc; but without a doubt it is a beautiful way to feel immersed in nature, to experience warmth and beauty and get out of the way.

Furthermore, the versatility of wood allows it to be complemented with any other material such as concrete, glass, light walls, metal, among others. So if you are looking for a more contemporary style in design you will not have a problem either.


Why would you recommend Natural Homes? 

In the field of construction, the most valuable thing about a company is the responsibility it assumes during the process and especially after the product is delivered. In our case we can say that when we were dissatisfied with something we had a timely response, that during the works they listened to our requests and that the turnkey system was fulfilled.

Otherwise, the materials used met what was offered and when alternatives were requested, we were given the option to choose.

Eunice, the owner of Natural Homes, is a great entrepreneur who must be recognized for her broad sense of Customer Service.

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